Saturday, May 30, 2009


I learned a new term today at a party, kinnearing. It was explained to me as taking a picture without looking through the viewfinder. I was surprised. I've been taking these types of shots for years and had always thought of it as a version of street photography. In fact, I took a few kinnearing shots earlier in the day. I was not happy with the results. My best shot is shown below.

I want your wheels

I did some research and found the story of the origin of kinnearing. It lead me to a blog called Yarn Harlot and a August 2007 post called I was Kinnearing.   It’s an odd little post, but it apparently kicked off a craze, Flickr and Google Image Search show a few examples. How did I miss this? I guess I’m not the internet hipster I thought I was.

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