Saturday, May 30, 2009

Inconsiderate or unconstitutional

My Christian spammers started sending this story to me this morning.  A San Diego pastor and his wife have been told to stop holding a weekly bible study in their home by the county government. On the surface, it seems wrong. But I do not agree with the religious zealot who feel their constitution rights were trampled upon. No, to me it’s a classic land rights issue. The local government would need a strong case to convince me their actions are legitimate.

I read the comment thread. It was hard to wade through for obvious reasons (like this).

California needs the cash because of their greedy habits, material obsessions and uncontrolled spending, etc. Why should the rest of us sacrifice our ways (bible studies) to bail you out. Learn to control your lavish lifestyles... maybe you need to join a Bible Study group to humble yourself.

- Spoken by the Christian in the split level 4,000 square foot home with a BMD in the drive way.

Digging through the comments I found the real story. Neighbors complained about the weekly prayer meetings with 15 or more people parking on a cul-de-sac. They’ve been holding the meeting for five years. As a cul-de-sac dweller myself, I can testify that the local house church packs them in on a regular basis and parking is a problem.  But he minds his business and I mind mine, so no worries. All I can conclude from my reading is that the title of my post should be changed to Inconsiderate and Unconstitutional.

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