Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Waco area Baptist pastor arrested

FrankBrown I've got a good friend who lives in Waco, Tx. I sure hope he keeps his children away from the Baptist fundies who seem hell-bent on abusing every child in site, or killing their wives.

Pastor Frank Brown of Bellmead First Baptist Church is in custody for the alleged crime of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

…the incidents began about four years ago in another state. There, Brown is accused of molesting girls aged 9 or 10. When he moved to Texas, Police say Brown assaulted a victim as well.

Police say the alleged sexual assaults took place hundreds of time, some of which were in Robinson, Harris Creek and in Waco.

The alleged sexual assaults took place hundreds of times…. geez. I’m never letting my kids near a Baptist church, not ever!

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