Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Baptist youth pastor accused of rape

An Oklahoma youth pastor was charged with second-degree rape, rape by instrumentation, and making lewd proposals to a minor under the age of 16. Pastor Doug Davis has much to explain. Like why he was texting a 15-year-old and why drove him to have sex with her. He is a youth pastor after all. He should explain himself.

Davis is accused of exchanging sexually explicit text messages with the girl and, in two instances, having sexual contact with her.

Authorities learned of the accusations over the weekend when the girl’s parents took her to police to file a report.

Since Davis was a youth pastor, the children in his care at the Village Baptist Church will each need to be question to determine if they have been violated. It’s a disturbing thought that you girls who may not have been abused will still face awkward questions which will influence who they feel about men for a long time to come.  I hope there are not more victims.