Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday school teacher arrested for murder

Sandra Cantu may have been murdered by a trusted Sunday school teacher and single mother. The police say Melissa Huckaby killed Sandra Cantu in a church and then stuffed her body into a suitcase and dumping it into a farm pond. People who know her are shocked.

"She must have had a double life, because she seemed sweet and the Bible study kids love her," said Carlos Martinez, who lives in the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park near Huckaby. "This is a total shock."

Huckaby's relatives said they were bewildered at the concept that the churchgoing woman they've seen get down on her knees to play with children and lead them in singing religious songs such as "Deep and Wide" would do what police say she has.

MelissaHuckabyEyesBy now I know that people often mistake going through the motions at church as signs of living a moral lifestyle. I have little patience for this assumption. I think it clouds the issue, one must examine how she lived her life in full before one judges her ability to commit a murder.

I must admit a certain bias. I have trouble believing a mother could commit a crime like this. Since the news broke I’ve held back writing about the murder because I thought maybe it was an accidental death that had spiraled out of control. I had no facts to support this. In fact, it now seems unlikely given the lengths Huckaby went to hid her actions. I eventually realized that I held the same type basis as people who think being a Christian makes one less likely to kill.

The real story will be told over the weeks and months ahead. I may follow story it if continues to weave in the tale of religion. A Sunday school teacher killing an innocent young girl in a church sounds like good fodder for Hypocrisy Watch to me. Time will tell though.

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