Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baptist youth pastor charged with sexual assault

I swear, the Baptist are going friggen nuts. This must be the 10th case I've written about in the last 60 days. Jason Beck was the youth pastor at Pauline Baptist Church, now he's sitting in a jail cell for sleeping with a 16-year-old girl under his pastoral care.

While the age of 16 is accepted as the legal age of consent, the “position of trust” that he was in made the act a felony, such as would be the case with a teacher, coach, or other position of responsibility.

And let’s not get this Jason Beck confused with Coach Jason Beck. That’s a different case altogether. Jason Beck must be a popular name among pedophiles.

It’s so easy to blame SatanKasey Earl did.

We are all disappointed with this situation and feel somewhat betrayed, but the fact of the matter is Jason is our brother and we should have been more accountable to him. He is one of my closest friends. He is NOT a predator. If you knew the story of Jason’s past, you’d know that God has done mighty things in his life and has brought him out of darkness. But Satan never forgot the things from Jason’s past and used them to tempt him. I hate that this had to happen for everyone involved, and yes what he did was stupid, but now it’s time for the Church (and I’m not just talking about Pauline, but all of us who are his brothers and sisters in Christ) to reconcile him and lift him high. Join me in prayer for the girl and the parents involved, and the rest of Pauline and the staff there, AND Jason. The fellowship of the mat: a man who was crippled was carried to Jesus by his friends for healing. Don’t let Satan win!!

And while we are at it, why not give him hope.

I think this young man got caught up in something bigger and stronger than him. I’m sure he loves God and is a christian but a young christian. He should not have been in the position he was in at the church because of his young chistianity. He is human and a young man who is not much older than the young girl. Had he been in a different occupation, this would be only a concern with him and the young girl and her family. Remember not to throw stones until you look at your own life. This young girl is not the first 16 year old who has had sex with an older boy and she will not be the last. To the girl’s close friends, this is your chance to prove you are not shallow and will always be there for her. To the young man, this to shall pass and use this experience as a stepping stone to what God’s plan is for you.

Oh, and don’t worry about telling people about your prison hitch or the fact that you will be labeled a sex offender. Nope, being a Baptist, you will find the world is your oyster and the youth group your peals.

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