Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pastor accused of concealing gun

I knew I should have posted on this nutter back when he was shooting arrows in church.  Now he’s wearing a gun and acting all cop-like. With the body armor and all, how can we mistake him for anything other than a nutball?

A criminal complaint says the Rev. John Putnam came to the Sheboygan Falls Police Department Feb. 28 to answer questions about a suicidal parishioner that police had contact with earlier in the day. An officer says Putnam was wearing body armor and a police-style jacket and had a handgun concealed in the jacket.

Maybe he is just stupid? Does he look stupid to you?

PutnamsLet me see now, he has body armor, a bow and arrow, and a pistol, you better check him for a knife too. I’m sure he’s got one stuck someplace inappropriate.

Rev. John Putnam is the proud pastor of The Pentecostals of Sheboygan County. His email address is here

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