Thursday, April 23, 2009

One time, at band camp...

...youth pastor Jonathan James Hartman had sex with three 15-year-old girls, impregnating one young girl. But it's ok because he's in the Salvation Army and you know, they help people and all.

"His reaction was that he wanted her to get an abortion and he was pushing her for it. She even came up with ideas on how to terminate the pregnancy and cause a miscarriage," said Detective Scheuermann, Franklin Police Department.

The Salvation Army has a program to protect children. It calls for children to be managed by two adults at all times. There is little one-on-one time with children allowed (pdf). It looks like the rules were ignored because Hartman is the son of the husband and wife pastor team which operates the local Salvation Army. Allowing Hartman to be alone with children on church property would make his parents at least partially responsible the abuse. I am sure the lawsuits will come, but I want something more. The Salvation Army must fire Hartman’s parents. They can no longer be trusted to fulfill their mission. Plus, it will send the right message to other potentially lax guardians.

Hartman has confessed to his crimes. I”m sure prison will welcome the freak.

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Anonymous said...

You just don't know how right you are sir. BTW they got a slap on the wrist and are still pastors in Indianapolis. They live off of 37 and run a kids piano class out of their house.