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The 114th Carnival of the Godless

Welcome to the April 5, 2009 “Palm Sunday” edition of the Carnival of the Godless. This is the 114th edition of the Carnival of the Godless and my second time hosting. I had forgotten how much work it is. I mean, you actually have to read the articles and then think about them. That’s way harder than writing a post. I totally understand why Brent farmed this out.
We have a bunch of good posts. I enjoyed reading posts from the bloggers I follow, and meeting new bloggers. Its always nice to encounter new ideas and different thinkers. My favorites start the list…

Andrew Bernardin presents RP) Sunday Sermon: The Muddled Message of "God". I don’t often find something and say, how did he do that? But seriously, how did he do that?

exapologist presents ex-apologist: Icelanders and their Belief in Elves.  I had trouble understanding if this article was serious or not. Elves? There are people who believe in elves? I’m staying away from Iceland.

Ron Britton presents They’re Pro-Life, Except When They’re Not. This is one of my favorite arguments. Christians who protect fetuses as if they were full grown humans while at the same time think  nothing of a few hundred thousand Iraqis dying in to fuel our cars.
Rose Schwartz presents Beauty & Purpose. What can I say… I have a blog crush on Rose and her love of Evolution.
That is until Bush. I can’t recall the specific moment, but sometime around the address stating creationism should be taught alongside evolution, I began a lengthy cringe. Being somewhat aware of creationism, I had not actually known anyone who claimed to believe in it. I grew up in a reform Jewish community and attended secular public schools
My favorite section of each Carnival of the Godless are the morality posts. This edition has several good morality themed posts.
exapologist presents Theism, Non-Theism, and Moral Motivation.
A crude apologetic argues that an adequate moral theory is impossible apart from theism. But as many theists have pointed out – and as anyone who has taken an introductory course in ethics knows
(((Billy))) The Atheist presents Yet Another Post About Atheism and Morality.
How can atheists be moral without the word of god(s) telling them what to do?  In 1724, Christian theologian Richard Bentley, wrote: “no atheists as such can be a true friend, an affectionate relation, or a loyal subject”.  Or, as a chap pseudonymously named Gideon recently commented over at You Made Me Say It:  “After all, in your Godless universe, anything goes, right?”
If only it were so. Anything goes…. Can you imagine?

Matt Oxley presents Psalm 14: Godless Bunch of Fools.
The Psalmist David asserts here that the godless individual is immoral…that without God the only possible product of our selves is corruption and greed.
I’ve heard this so often that I cringe each time it comes up. I like how Matt handles the article.
Before somebody jumps in to tell me all religious delusions are equally absurd, let me just state clearly that I do not agree. There are mainstream religions, and then there are those on the fringe. It’s a social thing.  The religions on the fringe, the Cults, they fascinate me because of their level of self delusion. A few bloggers posted on the subject. Enjoy.
Rick presents a hilarious conversation with members of the Cult called… OFUCK. Rick Foreman presents Conversation with a member of the Organization of Fundamentalist Universal Christian Knights -
MO: Good Day Sir! I’m Jeremiah with the Organization of Fundamentalist Universal Christian Knights, Have you accepted Jesus as your savior?
And it just gets better and better… Of course, if he’s pulling me leg…

I love stories of people who left the Mormon Church. And this is a good one. Rod presents Leaving Mormonism: No Marriage nor Children Left Behind -
Let’s begin by saying that leaving the LDS Church can mean a number of things to many different people.
Whether you are a convert or born and brainwashed in the Church from childhood will dictate how you view your loss of commitment to the fold and how you will handle the issues that WILL arise from the many relationships in your life.
The way some religions treat those who leave the flock are prime examples of cult like behavior. Check out  Time Does Not Equal Sanity.
People get to say they have the ‘truth’ while other people are lying.
People get to deflect criticism of religion in general, or specific criticism of their religion, onto other religions.
People who twist the Bible to fit their own personal definitions accuse other people of twisting the Bible in the same way.
It’s a damn good article. Thanks Crystal.
Those inscrutable Christians
There are several good posts on the proclivities of our sometimes Christian adversaries and antagonists.
PhillyChief  writes "I find that hard to believe", while yunshui posts on But our religion is special!
Adrian Hayter knocks it out of the part with Religious Child Abuse.
If you still don’t think that religious parents who inflict their religion on their children isn’t tantamount to child abuse, watch this BBC documentary and have a rethink. Deborah Drapper is a 13 year old fundamentalist Christian, who lives in a reclusive environment with her family….
Watch the video. It’s chilling.
Chris Hallquist comes in with a late entry, but a good one.  Wait, no, Ross Douthat is deluded slime.  Kawlinz follows up with a post I totally agree with.  Saving Time and Frustration - Assessing the Worthiness of Debating. And what would a blog carnival be with a review of the evil old God of the old Testament. Luke Muehlhauser give us God’s Atrocities in the Old Testament.
My favorite old curmudgeon can write his own posts. Who knew…DromedaryHump presents NH Theist Speaks for God... and makes about as much sense.
Recently there was a news report of an American Muslim businessman in upstate New York who cut off his wife’s head. What prompted this gruesome act is still unclear, although his wife had recently filed for divorce.
Hump had nothing to do with it. I swear…

I am an atheist blogger, yet I write about atheism infrequently. Thankfully, we many many other atheist voices to listen to.
Book Reviews
Tom Stelene presents Old, Obscure, Great Books: Review No. 2.
Road to Revolution: A Century of Russian Radicalism, by Avrahm Yarmolinsky
Angus Stocking presents Scripture Is What We Make Of It.
Wilkie Collins’ 1868 novel, The Moonstone.

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