Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. It happens to coincide with the return of the Santa Ana winds. For me, this means a month long headache culminating with children ringing my doorbell all night long. I try to get away from it all, but often fail. Like tonight. I'm sitting here alone in a dark house with a cold cloth pressed to my eyes. I know little goblins will start ringing my doorbell soon. My excitable little dog is already barking.

One of my friends has it worse. He's working from his home tonight down in Venice Beach. He must monitor a month end financial closure process which is critical to his company's operation. He must do his monitoring in the dark. If the trick-or-treat crowd knows he is home but he does not offer treats, his house will be egged. It's happened every year for the last ten years. Poor guy.

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