Friday, October 31, 2008

Blogroll Update: LolKoran

In the author's own words:

Back in August we started a new blog,, where we are translating the Koran into lolcat language. We are not Muslims, but we try to avoid Muslim-bashing even though our approach is skeptical. You can learn about the blog by reading our post titled God is Fired, but there is a bigger issue underlying this.

For quite a while there has been a Lolcat Bible, and a Lolcat Book of Mormon being made, and some other things, but I looked all over the web without finding any sign of a lolcat Koran. In fact, every mention of the idea seemed to call up horrified protests about Mohammed cartoons, outraged Muslims and beheadings. It seemed obvious the reason no one was doing this was because radical Islamists are succeeding in their campaign to terrorize people in the Free World into self-censorship. This censoring needs to be stopped before it gets started: if we allow it to even gain a foothold, we may as well give up. If we are afraid to stand up for our right to free speech we don't deserve to have a free country. So somebody needs to start a Lolcat Koran. So we did.

There is really nothing offensive about this, it's just a way to study an important book, have fun and brighten up the world a little with some cute cat pictures. For anyone who struggles to read the Koran, which by all accounts is a Very Hard Book, this is a way to make it relatively painless. It should be a wiki, but we don't know how to do that so it is just a blog, but everyone is invited to halp wif translaytin.