Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fellow wiccans please help, how do I tell if it's curse?

People ask why I make fun of Wiccans. Thanks to the good people at Reddit, I now have a great example. This was posted on Yahoo Answers.

Fellow wiccans please help, how do I tell if it's cursed? A self proclaimed wiccan gave me a necklace, we do not get along so I was taken by surprise when she handed it to me, I am wondering how to tell if she did place a curse on it or a charm or spell, I am wiccan but my expertise lays more in the energy fields and spiritual world, thank you for any answers, Blessed Be!

Additional Details

it's beaded, metal beads, i feel uneasy with the energy but I wish to know what her motives were, it's black magick so she'll already get it back but I'm curious to what it's cursed with

As I read the answers, my first thought was, "Wow, it's like tech support for Wiccans". Then I laughed my ass off.

You'll have to cast "Detect Magic" or "Read Magic" on it. Both are 1st level spells, so it should be fairly simple.


It was cursed, with charm of public humiliation, it worked. Post the wiccans myspace and she will get it back three fold.


It is indeed cursed. When the goblins show up (and they will!), draw your vorpal sword and roll a 20 to slay.


Take it to a Catholic priest to have to "Cleansed" they are like level 70 elites!!!

The best response came from the reality based community.

What's the difference between a "cursed" necklace, and one that isn't? Does it weigh more or less? Does it look different? Does its chemical composition change; or can we detect any radiation emanating from it?

The answer to all these things is, of course, no. There is no way to tell if something is cursed, because there is no such thing. The necklace is just a physical object. The idea of "cursing" is simply a belief you hold: that some person may, because of malicious intent, speak magical words, and then somehow, your life will be detrimentally affected by wearing it.

We are everywhere!

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Psychodiva said...

I really like the first answer :) brings back memories of D&D and cold piza at 2am *sigh*

DromedaryHump said...

I'd tell her the REAL answer, but I won't sign up for Yahoo answers, they aren't worthy to get my email address.

The real answer is: lick the necklace. If it tastes like feces, or urine, or anti-freeze... one can assume it's "cursed"; and of she knows what those things taste like, that's probably the reason she got a cursed neclace in the first place.

Carolyn Ann said...

I can't help but wonder if the wiccan tech support line is staffed the same way most support lines are...

Maybe wiccans invented that voice mail hell, as a curse for not believing? Hmmm. Makes ya think. (God [sic] knows, very little else makes me do so. :D )

Carolyn Ann

Douglas said...

I hate to say it but another way to understand the motives, curse, and the aspect is to have me look at it. I am known as Pyrose for certian reasons. But belive it or not if you take a picture with a regular camera the truth can be revealed. I have done this many times. The main thing that I am worried about is the level of this curse. To put it bluntly the potency of the curse. A level one curse as most cases are more potent than a level ten curse therefore I am concerned. You might be in danger. It could be just a joke. But not likely. If you send a pic send it to.

Tiffany Anne Rosenbower said...

I'm a proud Wiccan, but I'll admit that some Wiccans can be silly at times, especially if they don't know what they are doing.