Friday, July 25, 2008

Lord - Protect my family and me

barack-obama-bw Barack Obama inserted a prayer into the Western Wall in Jerusalem. A few minutes later somebody stole it.

Lord – Protect my family and me, Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.

Source: Barack Obama private prayer at Jerusalem Western Wall subject of publication row - Telegraph

The cynical little voice inside my head immediately asked if Obama had a prayer writer on staff.  Did Obama arrange to have his prayer stolen? Was this political stagecraft in action? I am too used to the way GW runs thing I guess. This incident seems too well orchestrated. All the Christians back home in America are going to say gee whiz, Obama prays to the same God we do. He must be OK.

But then I realized that what Obama wrote seems about right. Protect me. Forgive me. Help me. It seems right to me. Like something a normal Joe would do. So I shouted down the little voice in my head. Maybe Obama is the real thing.


John said...

He doesn't look good to me, but, I do not adhere to the liberal dogma.

The Exterminator said...

I hate to shatter your newfound faith, Mojoey, but your first impression was probably right. If he were just a normal American Joe, he would have asked for a new car and a secret tryst with a blonde who had big tits.

RMG said...


Mojoey said...

oh god, i hear that little voice in my head again.

Carolyn Ann said...

He probably is genuine - and fully expected the little bit of paper to be stolen. (If he didn't - he'd be really, really dumb.)

He is pious, and he probably felt that his prayer was reasonable, and would be nicked, published and many an angst-ridden blog post written about it (how can he be christian, if he's so liberal?!?. Etc.) At least you, as an atheist, don't have to worry about that! :-)

Sometimes things are as they seem. Not often, but sometimes. :-)
Carolyn Ann

wizeguyz said...

Seems like a reasonable prayer to me.

I'm actually looking forward to voting for someone for a change.

Things are a mess, I wish whoever gets in good luck... they're going to need it.

Arias said...

Prayer writing staff ?!?!! Are you kidding me?

Obama writes his own speeches and wrote two books with every word being his. He didn't need a ghost writer like John McCain to write everything for him. Nor did he sign this piece of paper with his name. The only reason it was published was because the Israeli paper was smart enough to give a handwriting expert a copy of the original plus a copy of his signature that was made when he signed into the hotel he was staying at. If you have an question to how 'genuine' he is, pick up a copy of 'Dreams from my Father', his autobiography he wrote BEFORE ever getting into politics. It's as genuine as it gets, and includes things that if he HAD been planning a political career would never have included. The cynics are either just too lazy to read it to decide for themselves, or they would rather believe what they want irrespective of truth. Don't make that mistake.

Mojoey said...

wow - thanks for he lecture.