Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pastor Jeffery Stallworth is a sex offender

And nothing he can do will ever change that. You can go to his church to soak up his wisdom. Be warned, his biography neglects to mention his conviction for sexual assault in Maryland. I wonder why?

You can read a hilarious account of his attempts to expunge his criminal record at Hicktown Press.

Stallworth has a lofty opinion of himself. He likens himself to the Kings of old.

There is no good democracy without the presence of a theocracy. This makes the position of bishop and pastor political in its origin: Kings were political positions in the Old Testament; Christ was a political office in the New Testament; bishops and pastors therefore are political agents in the present testament. In God’s times, tithes were the sacred taxes. In keeping with this rich tradition, Bishop Stallworth offered himself as a candidate for tax assessor in 2007.

Can a convicted sex offender run for office? For that matter can sex offenders run a church?

My question for the faithful - Who in their right mind would sit in a pew on Sunday morning and listen to this man speak?


DromedaryHump said...

" My question for the faithful - Who in their right mind would sit in a pew on Sunday morning and listen to this man speak?"

How many theists followed David Koresh, and Jim Jones to their deaths? Were they all out of their minds?

How many readily forgave Bakker, Swaggert, Haggard, and other exposed preachers for their hypocricy and transgressions? Millions. Were they all insane?

In short, Xtians don't have to be clinically out of their minds to accept this piece of human flotsam as their spiritual leader. Having a propensity for rational discernment has never been a strong theist trait.

Mojoey said...

good point. I listened to Jim Jones speak. I thought he was gifted. There is a difference. Stallworth is a criminal. Jim Jones and David Koresh were just cult leading preachers.

Anonymous said...

the answer to your question of who is- a child of god!!!!and apparently you two are not because who are you to judge. stallworth is only human and how dare you question his faith and repentness!!stallworth is not a criminal!!study the case and you will know he was falsely accused!!!!i would like to invite you two to a sit down conversation, that's if you not too coward to be known!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the unknown person. I have sat in on pastor stallworth's services on many occasions. I have also followed the case and found that he was wrongly accused but because of what a bitter woman may say makes him a criminal???? I have also had the priviledge to know pastor stallworths family and it is not in his nature to be a sex offender. His father was my pastor for years so I do not agree with these allegations. Don't post anything until you fully read the court documents.

Mojoey said...

anon - The nice thing about Stallworth is that he is a convicted felon. So you supporters can go visit him in prison if you like. I'm not going to worry about his sorry ass anymore.

Anonymous said...

Mojoey you don't have to worry about Bishop Stallworth anymore-- the Supreme Father and the high court took care of the injustice and removed his name from the SO list. However you need to worry about your own sorrry ass--posting derogatory comments without facts. Don't be too lazy to investigate and too eager to condemn. Now let us pray.