Thursday, June 26, 2008

My life has these moments

Shaman KnightSo I went to the initial Buena Park Meetup for Atheists United. We met in a mobile home park's community center. It reminded me of visiting my grandparents back in the day.

I arrived early. The place was locked. As I waited, I kept running through the reasons why I don't like to meet people who claim to be Libertarians (they are all nuts as far as I can tell), and Atheists (I've had some bad experiences with odd people).

I few minutes after the meeting was supposed to start, I tried the doors again. They were still locked. But though the window I saw an odd site. The man pictured above. He was dressed in a bed sheet decorated to look like a holy gown of some sort with a macrame hat. Dennis Owens, Shaman Knight and Spiritual Humanist stunned me stupid. I literally exclaimed "Oh fuck" as he opened the door.

Dennis Owens is actually a nice guy. A little odd. The homemade shaman outfit was a bit over the top. His explanation for why he calls himself a shaman was a tad bizarre. He's died before, so now his is called a shaman. Right...

His words and stories were cloaked in mystical and spiritual references. A little probing on my part brought forth some interesting information. Dennis is part of something called Her Realmian Way. It's like a wicca cult, only it has no members. Dennis made it up back in 1975.

The big secret here is that his group is a dominatrix based non-religious cult. His wife is the head hominatrix. She will perform a Elysian Surrender Ritual for you. So what are you waiting for? If you would like a 70-year-old dominatrix to beat the crap out of you in the name of spiritual humanism, then drop me a note. I can hook you up with a discount.

I'll post on the meeting later.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!!!! Holy shit! LMAO!!!!

My general rule of thumb is to never attend any regular meetings that involve small groups of people with a limited range of topics to discuss. It always gets "religious"...even if it is atheists in the room. Prime example, the shaman in your picture. LMAO!

jamon said...

Run Away!!

Dromedary Hump said...

seems to me your first instinct was the correct one... you know, about not normally mingling with libertarians and atheists.

I note when I visited the site link that the attendence for this meeting was "estimated" at 4.

ESTIMATED?!?! That was the funniest part of this whole posting. :)

Mojoey said...

I was one of the 4. But 10 showed up!

I felt the love.

genexs said...

Hysterical! Not unlike a new meetup I attended in a deserted mall. I got there, the place was dark, doors all locked. I waited around till some woman (not very witchie-like) came by and started unlocking one of the doors to a shop. I jumped from my car and asked if she was for the meetup, she said no and let herself in. I went back to my car. A few minutes later, a security guard was checking me out from a window. Well, that happens from time to time. Heh. Anyway, a few minutes later another woman showed up (this time, more witchie looking). Indeed, she was from the meetup, she was just late. Meeting turned out to be ok, with about 8 or so attending.