Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Bird

A Bird I enjoyed a noon walk on the nature trails of El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach today. Noon is a tragically bad time to shoot pictures. There is something about direct overhead light that makes everything look flat and washed out. I have 55 other shots that don't look so good. This one is different.

El Dorado Nature Park is a nice place to visit to re-connect with nature. The park if full of wildlife. I saw three birds that were new to me today. I also missed a nice shot of a hawk. The trails are full of flowers, green meadows, butterflies and birds. You can almost believe you are not in the middle of a large city. Almost...

A short plug: Holly Gray has an open reception planned for her show "Portraits of Local Birds" at the El Dorado Nature Center. From the sample I saw, I have no way of telling if her show is based in photography or painting. I found one reference to Gray's photography work here. It appears she is not promoting herself via the web.

Holly Gray's  reception is June 14, 1-3. The Exhibition is June 14 to July 22. Admission is free, parking is not.

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jamon said...

That's a great shot, that.

Thanks for posting.

Mojoey said...

Thanks jamon. I appreciate the complement.

Tor Hershman said...


leslie said...

do you know how to get in touch with holly gray? there isnt any info at the nature center, no flyers or cards that anyone there could find. thanks!!!