Sunday, June 08, 2008

Andrew Clapper on the International Society of Atheists

I came across this post from Andrew Clapper during my morning reading. It looks like Clapper is proposing another organization dedicated to Atheism. He has an interesting premise.

The organization (tentatively called the International Society of Atheists) will focus on a set of clear goals: to establish social and support networks for atheists on a local level, to serve both local atheist communities and local communities at large, to reach out to individuals and groups such as public officials, the religious community, and other atheist and service oriented organizations, and to eliminate negative stereotypes about atheism and atheists. The organization will also pursue some not so unique goals that are nevertheless important to atheists, such as the promotion of separation of church and state, reason, and civil rights of atheists.

Source: One Possible International Growth Strategy « Andrew Clapper on Atheism

I like the emphasis on service. I do not see that as a mission in most of the other Atheist oriented organizations.

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Jamie G. said...

Who is Andrew Clapper?

Mojoey said...

I have no fucking idea.

Andrew Clapper said...

Thanks for the compliment. I'm a recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in psychology. In a couple of years I'll start grad school to get a Ph.D. in evolutionary psychology. Feel free to add me on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

I tried to find you on facebook... I didn't realized there were more than two Andrew Clappers... weird.

Funny thing is, When I googled my name (Andrew Clapper) it came up with your blogs on atheism. I thought it was crazy cuz I'm all about a logical scientific understanding of the universe as well AND we share the same name. Anywho, thought it was funny