Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blogroll Update: Nearing 600

We hit 595 blogs today with three more pending. You would be surprised how many people ask to join but do not send me a URL! My guess is we hit 600 over the next weekend. I wonder who will have the honors?

Because of a demanding work schedule, I have only been able to work the Atheist Blogroll on the weekends. I hope you all understand. I simply do not have the time . If you need something worked, please allow for the delay - Heck, I only checked my personal email account once last week. I'm up to my neck in an IT project, with no time to sleep let alone work on my blog or the Atheist blogroll. It should only last another six months.

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bugsoup said...

I sent you an email with all my details.

Oh please FSM, let me be 600.

I think the real number to be going for is pretty obvious: 666.

vjack said...

That is outstanding news. It seems like the blogroll just hit 500 a little while ago, so this really does show the sort of growth we've seen this year.

praiseNull said...

I very nearly left the URL out of my submission.

I figured Jesus would fix it, though. Or perhaps some are simply predestined to leave out the URL?