Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why is this man a pastor?

...and who is their right mind would go to his church?

A pastor has been convicted of sexually assaulting a parishioner to whom he gave healing baths and naked rubdowns to rid her of evil spirits.

Source: TheStar.com | GTA | Pastor guilty of sexual assault

Pastor Frank Seeko Lawrence was supported by a dozen or so of his parishioners when the verdict was read. Lawrence ran the Toronto based Mount Zion Revival Church of the Apostle from the basement of his home. It appears to have been a 30 year scam. He also admitted to fathering nine other children by four women, not counting the two children from the women from this case. Who in their right mind would go to his church? I mean, come on. this is just stupid.

Lawrence would charge money to give a healing bath, then rub his victims bodies with oil, and then rape them. Apparently, he has a long history of this behavior. Yet, people keep attending his church and giving them their money. Even some of the victims. I don't get it.

I learned something new from this case. In Canada, having sex with a person who one has a position of trust, power, or authority over is against the law. If a Pastor has sex with one of his flock, it's illegal. I do not think this law covers farm animals.