Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let's play pass the pedophile

That's right! Pass the pedophile is an exciting new game where a pastor is passed from church-to-church whenever there are allegations of sexual misconduct. The pastor is never held accountable... because his is a man of god (of course). This time it is a Baptist pastor.

Pastor Darrell Gilyard watched his congregation at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church grow by the thousands since he first took the pulpit in 1993.

But after one of those members accused him of sending obscene sexual texts to her teenage daughter last month, he resigned.

Pastor Gilyard was arrested Monday by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on lewd and lascivious charges.

It isn't Gilyard's first time to meet with such accusations.
According to church leaders in Texas, Pastor Gilyard was forced to leave four churches in the eighties and nineties after women complained of sexual abuse.

Source: Local Pastor Arrested; National Religious Leader Accused of Turning a Blind Eye. By Lindy Thackston

Or course, Darrell Gilyard has never been convicted of a crime and at the moment, his arrest is for the alleged crime of lewd and lascivious behavior, but you get my point.

Was he really passed from church-to-church after women made complaints of sexual misconduct? I think there is strong evidence to suggest this report is accurate. This guy was a sexual assault waiting to happen. Why did they let him back in the pulpit? Let the lawsuits begin.

You can catch a video of his act here.


christ davis said...

I have the feeling that there has probably been a high level of this type of behavior all along. In recent years there are more people willing to expose these exploiters, and there are indefatigable people trawling the net for new items, so it appears that there has been an explosion of these pigfuckers.

Carolyn Ann said...

I"m going to start the inevitable rolling...

Brother Mojoey, Pastor, er, Gilyard (I really didn't know they measured gills by the yard) is a good and decent and honorable man! Even if his private behavior is a little off-the-wall!

That he raped these women is neither here nor there! They stand by him, as I, well, I, who are we talking about, again? Gilyard? That lecher? Oh, yeah. As I stand by, well, this is awkward.

He's a good Christian, you see, and as such he gets his punishment from God. And we can't punish him - in FACT! In fact, we can help him realize his reward by, er, no... This isn't quite working...

Brother Mojoey - you are a socially liberal snarky bastard! :-) (But I mean that in the most Christian way... Well, no actually I don't. I'm not, er, Christian you see. :-)

Carolyn Ann

PS Sorry, I couldn't resist. Although I probably should have.

Mojoey said...

carolyn ann - you made me laugh. Thanks!

PhillyChief said...

Don't give the Networks any ideas. With the current writer's strike, this could end up on NBC sandwiched between American Gladiators and Deal or No Deal.