Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saying "bless you" instead of "thank you"

It is the little things that piss me off - like running into a fundie hell bent on injecting a little of his or her religion into my day.  My response when a clerk offers a "have a blessed day" is a scowl, and then I complain to the management.

A friend on the other team sent me this tidbit from a Christian Forum.

It seems that more and more cashiers and clerks are saying "have a blessed day" instead of "thank you" when you check out at a retail store.

I was wondering if this was a trend that some youth pastor had started as a program to get people to think about Jesus in their everyday life, and simple way to express faith without having some feel you are preaching to them.

I think most people without faith think when someone says "have a blessed day" that the person is just saying "have a nice day" in another way but they still stop and think about the reason the person choose to say "have a blessed day".

So, has anyone seen, be invovled [sic] or heard of a program like this? I was wondering so I could try to have some background info to talk to my ground about it such as what to say if someone reacts negatively.

Source: Saying "bless you" instead of "thank you" - Forums

Note to fundies: Saying "have a blessed day"  instead of "thank you" or "have a nice day" is offensive to me. In fact, I hate it. I'll do my best to be a good American by looking a clerk in the eye and say "have a good day". When a clerk fires a "have a blessed day", my response is often "keep your religion to yourself". I don't tell random people to "have a god free day", why should I listen to your blatant religions pandering.?

Now, if you are a hot Wiccan, preferably adorned with tattoos, I'll take a "Blessed be" with a smile.


AHP said...

I just typed a comment and lost it! I hate when that happens. Anyway, when people say "bless you" except after a sneeze, it often does seem like a conversion attempt. But then in Hindu family household, we always said "bless you" after a sneeze. We just say it out of politeness and concern without regard to the religious significance. It's like how we celebrate Christmas festivities without thinking about the religious significance. It's fun and we can share good times with our Christian friends.

I guess when you say "thank you" in return for a "bless you" at the counter, you're doing all you can to show them that you don't appreciate what they said.

Mojoey said...

I say bless you when people sneeze. It is automatic and I think part our social structure.

On the other hand, having a stranger tell me "have a blessed day" is just odd.

Nice hearing from you AHP - I hope you and your family are well.

The Exterminator said...

My wife had lunch with a few co-workers at a restaurant last week. The waitress was stupid, incompetent, and rude. Guess what she said to the group as they got up to leave?

My wife's instantaneous reaction: "Oh, Christ on a crutch!"

I think that's the best response to "have a blessed day" I ever heard.

vjack said...

I couldn't agree more on this one. "Have a blessed day" or any close variant strikes me as something akin to "Go f@$# yourself." I make sure the person saying it knows I'm displeased, but I hadn't thought of complaining to a supervisor. I wonder if that would be effective here in Mississippi or just get me banned from the store and the cops called. I suppose there is only one way to find out.

Statements like "have a blessed day" simply remind us of how pervasive Christian privilege is in American society. The person who says this simply assumes that his or her worldview is shared by everyone he or she encounters. This is the sort of thing that makes me want to wear clothing with pro-atheist slogans every time I leave the house (which I don't out of concern for my safety).

PhillyChief said...

"...but they still stop and think about the reason the person choose to say "have a blessed day".

Damn right I will. I'll think this cashier:
1) Is an asshole
2) feels compelled to push his/her beliefs on me
3) thinks I'm either on the team or better get on the team
4) must be violating some company policy
5) is probably a mindless idiot
I could go on.

Although I like the idea of calling the supervisor, it might amount to nothing plus it's a tremendous inconvenience and imposition on my time as well as anyone in line behind me. I think the best thing is simply to say something snarky or nasty back like "and have a godless night", "see you in hell" or "to hell with your god and the cross he rode in on". Of course I'm a hothead. I suppose if you're a nice guy you could just politely explain to the cashier that saying "have a blessed day" to people is extremely rude and annoying. Whatever.

Simon said...

Thank fucking Christ they havn't started doing that in the UK yet.

Johnny Crow said...

If someone sneezes I generally say "Gesundheit" which is a German phrase for "Good Health". There is a whole article on wiki here:

that gives a lot of great lines to say. Most with little or no religious tones.

As far as getting that "have a blessed day" I have never really gotten it. I have however gotten a "God Bless" when people are leaving.. and my response usually when the door is closing.. "No thanks". I have often seen them standing there pondering whether to come back in and see if they heard me right. Most don't and very few do.. those that do, I usually end up have a decent convo with about god/atheism. Even more rare are those that flip out.. If they do, I cancel their contract. Not because of their belief, but anyone who freaks out in my office will NOT get any service and such is my right.

aidan said...

It has a lot to do with the intent.
A greeting such as "namaste" comes
fairly naturally to the lips of people who offer it with genuine goodwill. "Blessed be" also is almost always free of any underlying insinuation, tending more to be a good wish with no strings attached. By comparison
"have a blessed day" has a ring to it that could come off more like an order, depending on the tone of voice.

jusdeide said...

I say "have a blessed day" everyday to my co-workers, friends and family. I truly hope that the people that I come in contact with know that my wish for them is to have a day free from harm, distress, negativity and that their day is filled with good things (blessings). Am I a Christian? Yes. But people whether they are religious or not do like to be around someone who is upbeat and postive not someone who is complaining and basically allowing fear to rule their thoughts. Don't be afraid of someone reaching out to you in a friendly manner. Understand that there are people that really do want you to just "have a blessed day".

PhillyChief said...

If after reading the reactions of people here to hearing such a thing you can mindlessly still think that it's "upbeat", "positive", and indicative of someone "reaching out in a friendly way", you're either very dim-witted or completely delusional with a total lack of empathy for others.

How about "have a nice day"?

Mojoey said...

PhillChief - I was reading his post while thinking the same thing. My post is about what he does. He must be crazy.

PhillyChief said...

Imagine if you groped every woman you saw. When they complained, you said your action was merely a way to be upbeat, friendly and to let them know how wonderful you thought they were. You think that would work? That's what jusdeide is basically arguing.

Btw, if that'll work, let me know. ;)

It's Just Life said...

It must be really tough living w/such a belief system that everything is so damn offensive when people are only trying to be nice.....Good Lord! Pun intended!!!

PhillyChief said...

It must be really tough living w/such a tenuously sustainable belief system that you must assert and/or impose it everyday on everyone you come into contact with then delude yourself into thinking such actions are nice.

Try this on for size - Have a glorious day of reason free of superstitious beliefs and their dogmatic demands. Sound nice? Well I think so, so by your logic I should say that to everyone. Well ok then. Thank you for showing me the light. I'll begin today!

Anonymous said...

honestly, how can you seriously believe someone saying "have a blessed day" are trying to convert you or impose themselves on you... Is it not more likely that their intent is to just be polite? I am in no way religious btw...