Sunday, January 27, 2008

Countdown to a new camera

50 mph

It has been almost four months since I have been able make photographs. I broke my Nikon D70 in early September for the second time. My last photos were of spiders and a few street signs. I was not satisfied with the results.

With an estimated repair bill of $850 dollars, I decided to wait until I could afford to upgrade to a new camera body. I'm moving up to the Nikon D300. I should have it in my hands in a few days.

Taking photo's is stress relief for me. I cannot tell you how many times I have spoken the words "I wish I had my camera" these past few weeks. I tend to look for the odd in people and in the world around me. I need to get back to making photos, there is much oddness these days.

I have a small camera that I carry around for work. When I use it for anything other than snapshots, the results are craptacular. A digital SLR gives me a much wider range of control. My first subject will be the City of Carson. It's painted over much of it's ugliness. It is time to expose more of this truly ugly city to my lens.

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jamon said...

Arrgh - I covet.

You lucky, lucky boy


vjack said...

Sounds good, other than the fact that you're using Nikon instead of Canon that is. Sorry, as a Canon fanboy, I simply couldn't resist.

Mojoey said...

vjack - it is all about the lenses. Once you invest, they have you for life.

Abacquer said...

Congratulations mojoey!!! That's wonderful news. I look forward to seeing many great images from you.

Indeed it is all about the lenses, and keeping their F-mount principally unchanged for decades has been very good for Nikon. Canon really took a lot of heat when they basically ditched the whole FD lens crowd.

Nonetheless I'm a Canon boy myself. I *love* my EOS 5D and my yummy lenses. I wouldn't trade them for the world. (I still have my old Nikon 8008s and some manual F-Mount lenses that I use on the 5D with an adaptor, occasionally.)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have no idea what I could do with a camera that expensive... but I want to know, someday! I am limited to my cell phone and digital camera at the moment, but it's funny you made this post about photography, because I recently made one too where I finally started taking pictures again. There is a lot to see, and sometimes an ordinary thing says a lot more when seen from the perspective of a photographer.

vjack said...

You got that right! I have so much money invested in lenses, I'm truly stuck.

Mojoey said...

Things are looking up - I might be able to get the speedlight too!