Friday, January 25, 2008

Former pastor charged with sexual crime

I love headlines like this. The slant almost makes one think that subject of the article was a former pastor when he allegedly committed his crime. This is not the case. The United Methodist Church withdrew his ministerial credentials when a second child sex charge was placed against him. Brian Riley was an active pastor up until the day of his arrest in December for sexual exploitation of a minor.

The second charge involves his use of the Internet.

...TBI investigators found “sexually explicit images which depicted minors engaged in sexual activity or simulated sexual activity” on three computers seized from Riley’s home and church.

Of course the comment thread show the usual Christian idiocy.

Prentice Durwood said:

Why was the 15 year old foreign exchange student still in the preacher's home after a previous charge?  Where is she from?  Could it be that she is from a foreign county where the sex trade is an open market and she was sent here for this very purpose?  I understand that many of the church members have keys to that parsonage and have been known to invade it and go through the preacher's belongings when he and his family were away.  Could it be that some low life got it in for him and planted that trash to ruin him?  Either way his life is ruined.  He may be guilty, but we should not rush to judgement.

Durwood's logic is screwed up. She blames the 15-year-old exchange student for instigating the crime while at the same time accusing her of being a sex trade worker. Then, she goes on to blame other church members for planting the 800 plus images found on Riley's three different computers. She closes by advising us to "not to rush to judgement". Is this how Christians think?

A 15-year-old girl alleges the following:

According to court documents, the 15-year-old told police Riley rubbed baby oil on her legs, stomach and buttocks numerous times. She says it happened while Riley's wife took his daughter to dance class and they were home alone.

She says she told him 'No,' but he said 'It was okay.' She also says the preacher put his hand down her pants and fondled her on top of her clothes.

And Riley was such a good Pastor. He was building up the church and everything.


Johnny Crow said...

Speaking of pedophiles... I think you might it interested.

check out this story about a guy who makes movies "clean" by removing "naughty" content. Has been charged with unlawful sexual activity with a 14 year old.

Bear said...

I will never denounce God,but when I read stories like this one & have lived thru it with the youth pastor in Lubbock,Tx I have to wonder why God continues to let these kind of men become "preachers". They are supposedly "Called" to be preachers. I wonder whose really calling them.