Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two nights, two good meals

I've been working hard these last couple of days. That and a bad head cold have kept me away from my computer, email, and blogging. I feel like a normal person. 

I'm hosting a conference. A few of my peers from around the country get together every few months to discuss strategy. We eat together in the evenings. This time, we choose two restaurants that blew us away. Frenchy's Bistro and 555 East. Both locations are in Long Beach California.

At Frenchy's Bistro, I started with an appetizer of truffled foie gras which set the mood for the outstanding braised lamb shank which followed. Desert was an amazing Grand Marnier Souffle. I'm planning a date night with the wife for next week, it really is that good. (yelp)

555 East was accommodating and professional. The wind and rain this evening made our reservation for the patio out of the question (sorry you East Cost bloggers, it was in the 50s). They moved us into the wine cellar. The experience was exceptional. I enjoyed my New York strip steak. It melted like butter on my tongue. (yelp)

I try to gauge my meals against my all time beast meal of the same type. For Frenchy's Bistro my bench mark meal is from Le Grand Vefour in the jardin du palais royal in Paris. With Le Grand Vefour as a 10, Frenchy's comes in at a 7. Which for a restaurant in the United States is epically good eats.

My bench mark steak is from Hugo's Cellar in Las Vegas. I eat at this wonderful old restaurant every chance I get. With Hugo's New York strip as a 10, 555 East comes in at strong 8. I'm going back every chance I get.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe! I'm glad you enjoyed Frenchy's. Good choice with the lamb's my parent's favorite on the menu. I hope that Flo enjoys it as much as you did...


Johnny Crow said...

I have heard SOO many good things about Hugo's here in Vegas. I have never been. Since one dinner would be about half my paycheck. Though me and my Fiance are thinking of going for a birthday or anniversary. She always get prime rib... for me though, so many things that I want on that menu it is hard to choose.

Mojoey said...

Imogen - thanks for the tip. It turned out to be a great evening. I'm taking Flo on Thursday night.

Johnny - the next time I am in Vegas, I would love to take to you Hugo's. I'll drop you an email when I schedule my next trip.

Johnny Crow said...

Sweet! Sounds like a plan to me!