Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pastor charged with abuse

*** Update ****

Clayton Pruett is innocent. I'll publish an update when I have the full story.

*** Update ***

Another Baptist youth pastor has been arrested and charged with inappropriate sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl.

Clayton James Pruett, 25, allegedly had inappropriate sexual contact with the girl at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, where he serves as a youth pastor, said Lt. Detective Scotty McGaha of the Bullitt County sheriff's office...

...He was arrested after the girl and her mother told police that Pruett made inappropriate sexual advances toward the teen at Pleasant Grove Baptist, and that the behavior had continued for more than a year.

McGaha said the advances began when the girl was 14 and intensified after she turned 15. The worst offenses happened in July, he said. He declined to elaborate.

Source: Bullitt coach, pastor, 25, is charged with abuse

When will it end? Never! New pedophiles pastors pop up every other week or so. What is being done about it? Nothing!


Hoppity said...

When will it end? Never. What should end is the belief held by millions that organized religion has any bearing on moral conduct. People who belong to organized religion display the same behavior as those tho don't. It doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

If the charges have been dropped so shouldn't this story. If the court system found no reason to prosecute him why should he have this story to remain online. To me, he has been marked unfairly and the host of the blog should be gracious enough to remove him and place someone who has been convicted. If not, it's just like he has been convicted...

Mojoey said...

Anon - it's just a news post. And the story is still active. The last I heard they are still planning on bringing a case to a grand jury.

Anonymous said...

I have contacted you by e-mail or attempted to, I now ask you to remove this story from your blog, the mother has retracted her statement and has signed a legal agrement that has been filed with the court system stating that all the allegations against me are false. So would you please take this off your blog. Please, I am begging you to show mercy and allow me to live my life without having this all over the internet. Thank you for your time.

clayton pruett

Mojoey said...

Clayton - I do not recall getting an email from you. I would have acted soon if I had.

It is good to hear you are innocent. Let's work together to make this right.

Deleting the story is an option I am not inclined to do. I am not saying I will not do it, only that I would like you to consider another option.

My readers are interested in both sides of a story. When a pastor is falsely accused, editing the original story to show what really happened can help a lot of people in a similar situation.

I will edit the story to tell what happened in your case. I will also make another post to the front page of my blog. In this post I will publish whatever you would like to say. Consider it a guest post.

I offer this because your goal is to clear your record. Deleting the story will not remove it from a google search. It will remain in the google cache for a very long time. Correcting the story is the best option.

It's your call. (I actually have a heart).

Anonymous said...

I have the retraction and can fax it to you and your readers can see the actual retraction. All I want people to know is that I have never hurt a child nor would I ever. This has been horrible and I just need people to help me to get my life back. I know that we share a difference of opionions and views on life but one thing we can agree upon is that we both want are children safe.

clayton pruett