Friday, December 21, 2007

and the rest of the world laughed

Do you know how I know? When evangelical Christians glob on to an old testament reference to the number 35 and somehow come away with a Holy highway, is there need for further proof?  This kind of "yuck yuck, I checked by brain in at the church door" crap can only happen here in America. Read it and weep.

A devout group of evangelical Christians in the Midwest are flocking to help purify a spot they believe the Bible has ordained as holy ground -- and it happens to be 1,500 miles of interstate asphalt.

Why the location?

According to CNN, the small contingent of churchgoers believe that Interstate 35, a sprawling highway running from Texas to Minnesota, is specifically mentioned in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 35.


Devout? more like demented.

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Anonymous said...

Have you checked out the segment from Pat Robertson's show about this? It's good for a few laughs.

vjack said...

Doesn't "devout" pretty much mean "demented" anyway? Whenever I hear someone referred to as "a devout Christian," I can't help forming a fairly vivid impression of the person that isn't particularly positive.

Nice and Blue said...
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Nice and Blue said...

Haha yeah that's quite a story.

Great job pointing that out I always enjoy evidence of Christian foolishness.

How in the hell could someone make such an unwarranted, unhelpful, and utterly stupid assumption like that?