Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ex-Pastor 4 year term for sex conviction

Ok - he's an ex-pastor so its a bit of a stretch. My guess is he becomes a born again prisoner while serving in protected custody. They all do....

A former postman and ex-pastor convicted of sexually abusing an elderly Florala woman is headed to prison.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King said a Covington County judge yesterday sentenced Jerry Hutcheson to four years for raping an 86-year-old woman in November 2004. King said Hutcheson committed the crime while delivering the victim's mail. He pleaded guilty to first-degree sexual abuse in October.

A judge ordered Hutcheson to register as a sex offender and he must pay $3,000 court costs and a $200.00 fee to the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Committee.

Hutcheson has a hearing January 14th regarding his request for probation.

King said in a statement yesterday, "the crime was an appalling violation of human decency

Source: AG: Ex-Florala postman gets 4 year term for sex conviction | The Journal Gazette

Lets see, rape an 86 year old women and then ask for probation. That just does not seem very Christian to me.


ananymous said...

Crime committed when one have the choice to do right, yet do wrong. YET, CRIME COMMITTED, WHICH CLEAR, AT THE OFFSET THAT THOSE GUILTY OF THE CRIME, HAVING SERIOUS CHEMICAL IMBALANCE, WITHIN THE WORKINGS OF THE BRAIN, WHICH BEING SERIOUS TO SEVERE. This case, of the elderly woman being raped an example of such, obvious, chemical imbalance. There must many, many, thousands of poor souls whom be imprisoned, themselves the victims,where the chemical imbalance to the brain serious, so severe that they not responsable for their actions. Of course one not let dangerious people free to harm others, yet, there should be more recognization seperating what brought by crime, as be committed through illness. If the means of getting medical treatment more accessable, and the public attitude being more understanding, perhaps such poor souls, whom, carry such an awesome burden, would come forward, seek help before the crime committed, such, would be to the greater benifit of all... .. .

Mojoey said...

dude - go get checked yourself. check yourself in even.

As for the fuckwit that raped an old lady. Punish him. He has not signs of mental illness. He was responsible for his actions.