Saturday, December 08, 2007

and a smile crossed my face

I was reading the Salt Lake Tribune for news tidbits on Mitt Romney. The tend to be more critical and more enlightening when when it comes to Mitt. Anyway, I stumbled on this Public Forum Letter titled Atheism's OK by Jayne Butler.  I thought I would pass it on.

According to Kevin Prusse, (Tribune, Nov. 30), the new face of atheism is "aggressive, dogmatic and unrelenting." Might those same adjectives be used to describe most religions?

Muslims in Darfur feel the need to kill a school teacher over the name she allowed her students to give a teddy bear. Catholics and Protestants killed each other for decades over the dogmatic belief that their respective religions were true. Missionaries of many faiths aggressively pursue new converts and then require adherence to their dogma. And the unrelenting belief in the inerrancy of the Bible leaves many of us wondering if believers have actually read the book and considered some of the utter nonsense therein (God's really going to allow a bear to consume innocent children because they made fun of a prophet's bald head?).

Mr. Prusse says atheists are being "fueled by crusading hatred of all religions . . .." My atheist friends are kind, loving and genuinely good people. Their goodness comes from within, not from obedience to, or fear of, an unseen God. Mr. Prusse and others who "crusade" against atheism need to wiggle a toe outside of their boxes and see the bigger picture.

Jayne Butler


Source: Salt Lake Tribune - Atheism's OK

Goodness comes from within - I said the same thing just yesterday.

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ananymous said...

Salt lake Tribune,nov 30th ) ..... New face of Atheism, is aggresive, dogmatic and unrelenting. One must agree with Keven , as the comments made towards, ATHEISM, as Atheist. However, not all Atheists being sealed, confirmed dead, placed in the same coffin. Mojoey...there be yourself as friends, as I'm sure a few others whom deserving respect. However,the majority of ATHEIST'S, Atheism, but a cover for fact they have a brain, a brain little used. For some, Atheist's, ATHEISM an means to make money, being equal, to the preaching of Christianity, which through, cunning, deceit, the HALFBAKED, having parted with $billions. (From, good marketing). SEX BE SIN,PROBLEM CREATED. JESUS, CAN WASH AWAY SIN, PROBLEM'S CURE. FREEDOM FROM SIN, A ONEWAY TICKET TO HEAVEN.. SECURING A PLACE, IN HEAVEN. ONE MAKE REGULAR PAYMENTS, TO RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION THAT HAVING SAVED YOU. WERE YOU NOT SAVED, THE ALTERNATIVE BE "HELL" WHERE BEING, ETERNAL SUFFERING.

Mojoey said...

oh, I just love nutballs.