Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A severed head in Africa

I read the news from Africa and despair. Beyond the droughts, famine, and genocide there exists a low level persistent disease - religion. Be it forced Muslim conversion, Christian evangelical proselytizing, or indigenous pagan rituals,  religion permeates the continent. Most of the news I read is troubling. On occasion, I read of some atrocity which stands apart from the rest. Like severing a child's head for the equivalent of a $1.60 to service the needs of a Yaro spiritualist who needed it for a ritual.

Africa is the place were we export our worst behaviors, superstitions, and institutions. I want to be optimistic about its future, but it is hard.

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JP said...

Man, that is horrible. How can one do such a thing???

Johnny Crow said...

religion and money two things that may at first have been something good or at least with good intentions... turned out to be the worst in humanity. Both stem from Greed and Power.