Monday, November 12, 2007

Blogroll Update: 4-1=484

We added another 4 blogs today, one departed. 500 Atheist themed blogs are within reach. Please keep spreading the word.

Rational Expression (#481)

Atheistkiwi's weblog (#482)

Dikkii's Diatribe (#483)

This page is an outlet for my own hate-filled vitriol and spiteful opinions. Uneducated as I am in the ways of the world, it's still necessary to vent my spleen at the media, the music industry, the AFL and anyone else who could have offended my sensibilities. I plan for this to be updated occasionally, depending on my state of mind. So you can either look forward to, or avoid my one-sided, uninformed and dangerously unbalanced opinions on the state of the world and everyone in it.

Australian Atheist (#484)