Friday, November 09, 2007

Prosperity Theology

I've come across this concept of the prosperity theology a few times recently. I do not understand why people fall under its spell.

Prosperity Theology is doctrine that prosperity, particularly financial prosperity, and success in business or personal life is external evidence of God's favor. This favor may be preordained, or granted in return for efficacious prayer or merit-making.

Televangelists preach a message telling participants that the more they give, the more God will reward them with riches. Benny Hinn is the worst of the lot, but there are many others. They tend to live a lavish lifestyle with expensive cars, homes, and other pleasures of the flesh. Their lifestyles tend to reflect that of a rock or movie star. Something smells fishy.

Congress is looking into these organizations. They think their non-profit status is questionable.

Congress is looking into the collection boxes of some of the nation's best-known televangelists.

Their tax-exempt ministries take in millions and now Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, is asking whether these churches really are non-profits.

Georgia megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar is one of the televangelists who was asked to provide financial information.

Source: Televangelist Defends Spending, Pastor Creflo Dollar Responds To Questions About Possible Financial Misconduct - CBS News

Watch the video linked the source article. In it you will see Pastor Creflo Dollar describe that he only has one Rolls-Royce, not two. Where is Christ in this lunacy? These people are clearly milking a system to their benefit. They are con men.

The fact that Republican Sen. Charles Grassley is leading the charge to clean-up these religious charlatans puzzles me. I am not used to a Republican doing anything that even remotely smells of challenging religion. I cannot see this going very far. People like James Dobson will object, and that will be the end of that.

Creflo Dollar has a private jet. He flies from Atlanta to New York each Saturday to preach at Madison Square Garden. He claims he needs the jet because no airline has a scheduled flight that meets his needs. The last time I checked, Atlanta was a hub city with departures for New Your every 20 minutes.

Creflo Dollar has a 2.5 million dollar apartment in New York so that he has a place to sleep each Saturday night. I guess he never heard of hotels. The millions of dollars he spends to support his lifestyle is unconscionable. Feed to poor, heal the sick, help addicts - do anything other that accumulate vast wealth on the backs of gullible believers.  

I do not believe in God. People like Dollar simply reinforce some of my reasons. I know Christians who are good people. They dedicated their lives to helping others. I know Atheists who do the same thing; they feed the hungry, they cloth the poor, they care for the less fortunate. People like Dollar dishonor  us all.


Soitgoes said...

And what was that pesky thingy about rich men, heaven, camels and the eye of a needle?

Carolyn Ann said...

At least his name is appropriate... :-)

Carolyn Ann

JP said...

Exactly Carolyn.....what a great name to associate with the get rich prosperity theology.

jamon said...

These people are actors & entertainers - nothing more. And many a rock star is richer...

I wouldn't really have a problem with their vast fortunes if they weren't pedaling their version of absolute truth, as opposed to giving an hours diversion at the movies on a Saturday night.

aidan said...

Good post. Completely agree. We have a guy up here who gives instruction on how to make fast coin (in the name of Jesus of course). I believe he even has a set of corny "commandments" for the wealth-seeking believer. He runs a fleet of limos, has a mansion in Florida and sees ostentatious displays of wealth as a sort of sign of the Lord's bounty.

Tommy said...

Wow! Al Sharpton as a voice of reason. How often does THAT happen?

Grenadine Yankee said...

Good evening. I am currently residing in Atlanta and relatively familiar with Creflo Dollar and World Changers, his mega-church. I did not know that he actually owned all of the modern luxuries that you state in your post. I am curious and interested as to whether this is common knowledge for those who follow Dollar and his church intently, or whether you have any sources for these claims. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.