Monday, November 19, 2007

Pedophile Jesuit fights explusion

I have no sympathy for disgraced catholic priest Donald McGuire. He is fighting to stay in the Jesuit order after his child molestation conviction.

CHICAGO (AP) - A priest convicted of molesting two boys says he's fighting efforts by the Jesuits to expel him from the religious order.

Last year, a Wisconsin jury convicted the Reverend Donald McGuire of molesting two boys from Loyola Academy in Wilmette in the 1960s.

McGuire now faces lawsuits on a string of new child molestation accusations as well as a federal indictment that alleges he traveled overseas with a minor with an intent of having sex with him.

As a result of the conviction and other allegations against him, the Chicago Jesuits have presented McGuire with a dismissal decree from the order. McGuire tells the Chicago Sun-Times he has appealed to the Vatican not to allow the dismissal.

The Jesuits haven't said whether they're also seeking McGuire's removal from the priesthood.

Source: WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News: Convicted molester fights Jesuits' efforts to expel him

There should be no question about what to do, expel him from the order and remove him from the priesthood.

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Anonymous said...

Should it not be that religious orders, be all such organizations start accepting responsability for the protection of children,that be left in their care.Parents take for granted they leave children in the care of responsabile adults, only to find out, time after time, after time, that many, not the few religious organizations, be but an cover for child abuse,people hold up the bible to thus gain respect,yet truth be told they being but an nest of vipers.