Monday, November 19, 2007

New molestation charge for McDowell

Remember the youth pastor who is alleged to have molested all the young girls? Oh wait, there are so many alleged pedophile pastors that perhaps I should provide more information.

Mark McDowell, who I posted on here, already faces charges stemming from an alleged sexual assault of two young girls ages 13 and 14. Since the investigation is ongoing, it comes as no surprise that new charges were filed.

Prosecutor Gilbert Romero said in an interview McDowell's new charge is genital penetration by a foreign object against a female under 18 years old. He declined to elaborate on the charge.

Source: New molestation charge filed against former youth minister. by Raul Hernandez.

No surprise - but still disgusting.


Brian said...

I'm not in anyway defending this slimeball. His misdeeds sicken me.

However, is there really a law that prohibits 17 year olds from using a dildo?

Mojoey said...

when operated by the hand of 40 year old pastor - yes there is a law.

Meg said...

It's an added charge. Why do people treat defendants as if they are guilty when they are simply being charged for a crime. Hell I could charge YOU with the exact same crime, but until the verdict is held, you are not guilty. It scares me that so many people assume guilt merely by the occurrence of a charge. He may be guilty, and yes obviously that would be disgusting and despicable, but we don't know that yet. Why all the slander? What happened to our system of "innocent until PROVEN guilty"?

Mojoey said...

Meg - it is innocent until proven guilty under the law. Public opinion is a whole different matter. I am allowed to form my own opinion based on what is disclosed during the trial and in the media.

Anonymous said...

Mark McDowell plead guilty today of all charges. Sentencing will take place in October (I think the 14th?).

-victim anonymous from your first post about him

Mojoey said...

OMG - this is great news. My heart goes out to his victims. I hope you can find peace.

Anonymous said...

So much appreciated. This is really the best thing that could've happened, the idea of facing him in the court room to testify has been giving me horrible nightmares ever since I went forward. Thanks so much for your posts, the posts and comments have been of such great comfort.