Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Everyone makes mistakes

What is the difference between making a mistake and deliberately planning and executing an action that is contrary to everything one stands for? I make mistakes all the time. I misspell words, I sometimes forget to follow procedure... the list goes on. But the big ticket items, well I have enough impulse control to make sure they never happen. Pastor Ronald McCaskill has no impulse control. Hell, I would go as far as saying he has no conscious either.

Why would pastor Ron preach love and fidelity on Sunday and then hit a hooker for loveless sex on Friday night. And don't give me that "he's only human" crap. He is supposed to set an example, not make the press with his lack of wisdom.

West Palm Beach Police said one of their police officers was posing as a prostitute on South Dixie near the Economy Inn on Friday.  During the sting they arrested 13 people.  One of them is a pastor of a church. 

Ronald McCaskill, known as "Pastor Ron" by his congregation, is one of 13 men police arrested during a prostitution solicitation sting on Friday.   McCaskill was arrested at about 2:00 in the afternoon.  By 11:00 P.M. he'd posted $250 dollar bond and been released.

Source: Pastor charged with soliciting sex - WPTV NewsChannel 5

What really pisses me off is what his congregation had to say.

“With a man that's so compassionate and pours out his heart like that, it's hard to believe that a small situation like this would be used against him,” Gablus said, “It's not going to break us.  All this is going to do is make us stronger and make us realize that the devil is out there to try to destroy us.”

Devil my ass. Ever hear about free will? Big Ron needs to control little Ron. These asshats disgust me.


Interested said...

What amazes me is the frequency with which this situation occurs. Preachers, supposed holy men, who have a direct line to god. Who wants a god that can't control his own people?

G.F. said...

My 2 kids went to this Bozo's Christian school and My wife and I pulled them out last year. I was always weary about the people who ran the school. They always had some type of shoddy school drive , but it never seemed the money went back into the school .
Now I know where my hard earned money went ...Pastor Ron's 30$ hooker addiction. These people fleece their congregation for money in the name of God . Open your eyes people.

Tracy said...

Obviously what this pastor did is wrong since prostitution is illegal, he's married and I'm sure his wife expects fidelity and I'm assuming he preaches this as sin from the pulpit. The bible does say that those in leadership will be judged more strictly because their behavior has such a big effect on others. If I think about it, I find the things he did disgusting; but more than that, it makes me sad.

What also interests me though is that you say in your post here that "the big ticket items, well I have enough impulse control to make sure they never happen." I can sit here before you honestly as I'm writing and tell you that I can not say this same thing. I've done some things in my life that I actually believed were wrong. I'm not perfect.

I read your red letter statement here so I'm guessing you may be an atheist. From your article I'm wondering if it disgusts you that so called Christians do immoral things. I'm not disgusted when people do wrong stuff; I'm saddened.

I actually believe that because I'm not in denial as to my own depravity that I'm able to live life in the here and now without being super judgmental of others. I also routinely have people just seem to come into my sphere of influence that I'm able to extend grace to and help; because I'm not condemning them. I recognize that it could be me, I fail too.

Mojoey said...


It is hard to be in denial about something you simple don't do. I don't screw around with hookers, I don't do serious drug, I don't steal, I don't cheat... the list is pretty friggen long. Be in denial if you want. I prefer a reality based life where I am in control of my own actions. There is no devil telling me to cheat on my wife. I know that doing so is wrong so I don't do.

I'm disgusted by hypocrisy. When pastors fall... I am totally disgusted. These are the same people who call me immoral because I am an atheist. They and you are so wrong.

Mojoey said...

g.f. - It sounds like you got out just in time.

Tracy said...

Gee Mojoey,

I certainly do not judge all atheists by you; each person is an individual.

There's an intelligent, insightful atheist over at Alexander the Atheist who I gain insight from his thoughtful knowledge base. But I have a difficult time with what I'm perceiving to be your self righteous approach. It seems as if you say that you have no moral wrong. I don't cheat on my husband, I'm a good mom with awesome sons, ask my boss and you'll hear I'm a steller employee - but I know my heart and it's selfish. I've never met someone who doesn't have to fight that aspect to their nature. NO ONE is perfect. Condemning one another doesn't lead to anyone becoming any better - at least not in my mind. I find that focusing on my own wrongs and dealing with those, while reaching out to others to be helpful when I see the opportunity, is a much better way to live.


aidan said...

We all have a moral compass and limits on how far we will go in any given situation. When those limits are decreed by religion via ordination-as-pastor, it becomes a matter of public trust.

Atheists have every right to take on the hypocrites who are forever pointing the finger and claiming a higher degree if righteousness.

I was reading recently about some of the insider goings-on in the Vatican and it was pretty nauseating. These are the same people who erect moral barriers that prevent women from accessing contraception and abortion services for legitimate health reasons.

Recently the Vatican condemned Amnesty International for helping women who have been raped and abused in war zones. They object to the effort of AI to find these victims needed abortion services. Their condemnation also extends to ordering Catholic institutions to cut ties with AI.

I'm not convinced understanding and compassion is always the better way. Sometimes you need to challenge ... and hard.

Jenn said...

Ok i used to work at the school in the after school program. So for one i was 16 watching kids way out of my ratio by law... but ya know what that school was a good school and just because P.Ron was head of it he really wasn't it was another pastor... so for those of you who think you know it all. P.Ron only ran the church. the kids ministry was run by someone else. So get your SHIT together and talk correctly. There were many issues that happend at that school and look at it now it fell apart. But i can honestly say that ALL of those teachers were there for those kids and i know that for a FACT!!!!

and while we are talking about the church... I dont agree with what P.Ron did by any means and Tracy was right God will judge him harder then the rest and thats not up to US to decide its for God to handle. Do i believe he should behind a pulpit No way... he could be up there preaching on sunday but being behind a pulpit is a huge thing and he should not be behind one... that is my thought!

Faith Swan said...

I attended his church yrs ago when I was in my early teens b/c my mom liked the church. It was called Calvary Assembly of God right off Walton Rd. in PSL. He used to counsel couples and he actually had an affair with not one but several women he was "counseling," in his office @ THE CHURCH! He was banging these women in his office where his wife worked @ the church @ the time too! He made a public apology he prerecorded from home and it wAS PLAYED TO ONLY THE MEMBERS. If you weren't a member you found out from a member. Needless to say he left that church and opened another one years later. I was not shocked in the least and was happy we would no longer be dragged to church! I was just a kid then but I will never forget it or his name. Thought I'd share that with you since I just yesterday heard of this!!!! It was cult like in it clickiness and it never really felt warm and welcoming like a church should it was more like a business than worship!

Aaron J. said...

Thanks for your post. I am a Christian myself. I came across the Ron Mccaskill story quite by accident, an "upstanding" member of his church is having an affair with my wife. I was thinking of approaching this pastor, as I have seen this type of sin crumble a congregation, but then I found out about this story, and the picture of how a "Christian" could freely have sex with anothers wife is now clear, when you have a pastor like this.

Anonymous said...

Shame on all of you so called christians!God is just as upset with you all and more than with this pastor.Judge not.Isnt that what the bible says?I feel sorry for u all because youre day will come.God help you!

Lamp said...

I'm one of "these people" but don't resemble any that you've spoken about in the negative. I could group all "non clergy" people together as well and we'd pretty much come up with a whole list of offenders you wouldn't want to be a part of either.

Keep your own yard clean. Whether I do what I'm supposed to do to keep my yard beautiful in the neighborhood is up to me; Bible gives me instructions, I'm the idiot if I don't heed them.

Unknown said...

2015 and this man is still sick and twisted. Followed me home from the store wanting more than a friend till I found out who he really was and confronted him, and all he could say was WELL ARE YOU GOING TO THROW ME UNDER THE BUS, ME AND LINDA ARE CELEBRATING OUR 43RD ANNIVERSARY AND IT WOULD KILL HER TO FIND OUT!!

Laurie Googoo said...

Amen, he thinks nothing of coming into another mans home and getting what he can. So that explains it all.