Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pastor beats stepson...

...and is arrested for second degree attempted murder.  

A Shreveport pastor is in jail accused of second degree attempted murder after his step son escaped from his home on the 42-hundred block of Lamar. 33-year-old Melesa Samuel the boy's mother was arrested by Shreveport police last night along with her husband 43-year-old Reginald Samuel. The woman whose door the child knocked on says the boy had been savagely beaten by his step-father. She did not want us to release her identity but says the 15-year-old told her he had jumped out of the bathroom window to get help because 'he was tired of it'. That since Saturday he'd had been beaten and at times, he would be locked in a storage shed and whipped in the groin area. The woman says the child had welts all over his body, his ear was bloodied, lips bruised, feet swollen, and he walked with a limp.

Source: Shreveport Pastor Accused of Savagely Beating Step Son

Reginald Samuel is the pastor of the Present Day Ministry on Grimmett Drive. There are allegations that he beat his other children and wife. Sounds like a peach.


LaQuisha Smith said...

I am Reginald's old daughter and I never had the chance to meet him until I was 15. I would and loved to meet my brothers and sisters. I'm hoping I can find them and we can be a family!

LaQuisha Smith
P.S. I live in Baltimore Md

Anonymous said...


This is Jeanette, the oldest. We live in Shreveport still. Email me jeanette_latrece_jones @ yahoo . com just take out the spaces.