Monday, October 08, 2007

Pastor arrested on sex charges

Caught another one! Pastor Justin Ray Peterson of River of Life church in Lutz admits molesting an 8 year old girl before he became a pastor.

The bad memories of a little girl have returned, 14 years later, to ensnare a church youth pastor.

Justin Ray Peterson, 31, of Wesley Chapel was arrested Thursday at River of Life Church in Lutz on two counts of sexual battery of a relative he babysat in the 1990s. A detective arrested Peterson after he admitted the allegations to his accuser in a recorded telephone call, which the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office helped arrange, records show.

Source: St. Petersburgh Times, Pastor arrested on sex charges, by Bill Coats. 

What draws some people to service as a youth pastor? Could it be that he like kids? At least he was honorable enough to admit his actions. I bet he pleads innocent.


Lisa Bear said...

Hey Joe,
Nothing to do with this post, But what happened to your picture a day project? I enjoy seeing your pictures
once in a while.

Mojoey said...

Hi sis,

Work is intense right now. I had to give up a few things. Since photography is a hobby, it is on the bench a few weeks until things calm down.