Tuesday, October 09, 2007

light posting

I appreciate the emails regarding concern over my light posting these last few weeks. From time to time unplanned events interrupt my normal schedule.  If shifted from a normal 40 hour weeks to working almost every every waking moment. What time is  spent with my family.  What can I say, work pays the bills.

On a more sober note I can also add that my desire to post has been affected by an event I witnessed last week on my drive to work. I saw a young girl hit by a car as she was using a crosswalk to reach her her elementary school. I heard the squeal of breaks and a thud. As I turned my head towards the sound, I saw a body flying through the air. I understand she passed away. When I try to write, my mind plays back the images. I find I cannot write  my normal subject matter. The words do not come.

It's weird, but I can remember what I was listening too at the time of the accident; Nine Inch Nails, The Day the World Went Away.

I'd listen to the words he'd say
but in his voice I heard decay
the plastic face forced to portray
all the insides left cold and gray
there is a place that still remains
it eats the fear it eats the pain
the sweetest price he'll have to pay
the day the whole world went away

Weird right?

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Stacy said...

"When I try to write, my mind plays back the images. I find I cannot write my normal subject matter. The words do not come."

I think seeing something traumatic jars your brain; especially when that something involves a child and death. I'm sorry you had to witness that. Sad and scary all rolled into one. Mental breaks are good though...reflect and hug your kiddo(s). :)

Johnny Crow said...

I don't mean to relate the two, but after getting robbed at gunpoint... the events just play over and over even when you are just doing normal things. It was hard to sit and write when I would just sit and think about it. I am sorry to hear about that little girl and all who were affected, including you.

best wishes Joe.

tina said...

We'll wait patiently, and be here when you have the time to post.

Nicest Girl said...

Wow. Horrible thing to witness. Along with the family, I always wonder what the person who actually hits a pedestrian (especially a child and especially if the child is killed) goes through. It is horrible to see... but I couldn't even imagine living with the knowledge of accidentally killing someone like that. *cross fingers* Looking forward to reading your posts when you return (I'm usually just a lurker).

daddy_phantom said...

As a father of three I frequently have to limit my imagination (small children climbing on rocks for example). This isn't a casual comment. I'm seriously worried about how the fear would effect me if I were to allow the "what-if" scenarios to play out in my mind. I have been lucky to avoid anything like what you witnessed.