Sunday, September 30, 2007

Youth pastor pulls a gun...

...Youth pastor goes to prison.

COLLIER COUNTY: Christopher Thompson, a youth pastor in Collier County, faces felony charges Sunday morning following a road rage report.

According to Collier County deputies, Thompson pulled out a gun and pointed it at a man and his 20 month old daughter.

The incident happened Saturday night on Logan Boulevard after the victim cut Thompson off.

Thompson admits to having the gun in his van, but denies ever pulling it out and displaying the weapon.

Source: NBC2 News Online - Deputies: Youth Pastor pulls gun on road rage victim

So how would the victim know about the gun unless Thompson pointed at him? I guess Thompson forgot the whole good Samaritan lesson from the bible, and the golden rule, and most of the teachings of Jesus. I wonder where Thompson gets his moral grounding from? Not at church I would wager.

No word yet if Thompson's church is rushing to "stand behind him?.