Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blogroll Update: The Renegade Writings

Our newest Atheist Blogroll Member, The Renegade Writings (#429), comes to us from India.

The Renegade Writings – is a blog that contains a musings of an atheist called Ramesh Subramanian on everything he sees, hears, feels about religion, God, atheism, sports, India and a whole host of other things.

My journey to atheism was pretty interesting, at least to me. I had desperately looked for God in anything and everything in times of joy I have thanked him and at times trouble I have asked him to help. But every time, I did that I felt I was being too puerile. Why was I thanking or pleading to someone whom I haven't seen or heard talking? – The seeds of atheism had been sowed. And it didn't take a long time to become an agnostic from there. The more I thought about the position of agnosticism and atheism, the more I turned towards atheism. That was a long journey.

I decided to pen down my thoughts and let others know it & also know what they think about it, albeit much of my battle for atheism was fought within my head.

Welcome to the team!