Monday, September 24, 2007

Youth For Christ shuttered

A horrifying case of  clergy sexual abuse out of Florida this morning. The Youth For Christ in Sarasota County will be closed until further notice after it's director, Martin Moore was arrested on sexual batter charges. Moore is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with a girl starting when she was just 13.

Moore was arrested after the girl, who is now 17, told a teacher that she had a sexual relationship with him since she was 13.

The girl told detectives she had sex with Moore dozens of times, often at the teen center.

The girl told detectives the relationship recently ended. Authorities said Moore corroborated her story.

Source: Youth For Christ shuttered by Latisha R. Gray

Moore is 42. He has worked with Youth for Christ since 1988. So far, he has been accused of having an illicit relationship with one young girl. I am sure there are lots of young girls being interviewed by the local police. Let's just hope it was an isolated case.


Nate Watson said...

Tragic. My heart goes out to the victim and the family.
Can moore actually be considered clergy though? I don't believe he was ordained. Youth for Christ is a 501c3--not a church, and more often than not hire "youth workers"--even social workers and counselors.
I will read more of your posts when I have time...very interesting!

Anonymous said...

any news about this mans sentencing?