Monday, September 24, 2007

Blogroll Update: Heathen.TV

As I sit here trying to kill time until the new season of Heroes to start I am faced with two choices. Do some blogging or play Team Fortress 2. since the latter crashes my computer every time I play, light blogging gets my vote.  Our newest member is Heathen.TV. It's chock full of video goodness.

In his own words:

HeathenTV serves up videos relating to atheism, religion, science and quackery from around the web. Dedicated to propagating the idea that superstition isn't that super, it features hand-picked high quality content from the famous and infamous, with a serious skew toward the skeptical. In any given week you could hear Christopher Hitchens debate his Christian brother, see Richard Feynman discussing the scientific beauty of a flower, or marvel in the evolution of the universe (condensed into 10 minutes). You'll also find snippets from investigations into religious practice, psychic charlatans, or new-age crapola. Whatever the case, it will be collected, categorized, and commented on, so you can find it again easily and identify related clips with a click of your mouse. All this, and the price of admission is zilch (or one soul, if you happen to be religious).

In case you're wondering - I'm a demoman on Team Fortress 2.