Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blogroll Update: New Tool

Larro of Ungodly Cynic has been kind enough to create a Atheist Blogroll Google search engine based on the 399 members of the Atheist Blogroll. Larro is adding members based on the new members RSS feed. I've used his custom engine a couple of dozen times already, I plan on adding it to my sidebar using his code. I find it a useful research tool, especially when I'm trying to find out what my fellow bloggers are saying.

Thanks Larro!

In other news, our 400th member will be the next blog to join. It is hard to believe we've grown to become such a large community. I'm torn between a desire to read and a desire to post.

I am trying to build a consolidated RSS feed from all members of the atheist blogroll. If anyone has a suggestion for a good service to provide this, please pass it along.

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Johnny Crow said...

May I recommend http://thejesusmyth.com/ to be the 400th. Seems like a good read from an atheist who is just trying to be himself in a small town. (sounds like who I once was, lol)

tina said...

Good job son. (ungodlycynic)

I think I like reading and commenting better than doing a blog.

vjack said...

Wow! An RSS feed including the entire Atheist Blogroll is a great idea. I just wish I had time to read that many feeds. I can certainly relate to your read or post conflict.

Larro said...

I'm curious to know what exactly you are looking for in a feed service. I know you can write your own RSS file and with a file storage server host it there.
I know you can do it that way, but the problem would be knowing exactly how to write the file compliantly.
Or maybe your just looking for more features in parsing of the RSS...