Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And now in local news

I had to look up Evansville on Wikipedia. It's the third largest city in Indiana with a population of 121,582. That's a little bigger than the city I live in, although I'm surrounded by 15 million other people. The last time I was in Indiana, I seem to remember a bunch of farmland between "cities". There is one thing for certain, even Evansville has a problem with clergy sexual abuse.

Nathan St. Pierre, a former youth church director accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, appeared in court this morning for an initial hearing in the case.

Vanderburgh Circuit Court Judge Carl Heldt determined during the initial hearing that St. Pierre's bond will remain at $25,000 cash only.

St. Pierre, 25, was arrested Friday and remains lodged at the Vanderburgh County Jail. The former Washington Avenue Baptist Church youth choir director is accused of carrying on a sexual relationship between May and this month with a 15-year-old female member of the church. The first incident reportedly occurred when she was 14.

St. Pierre is the son-in-law of the Rev. Mike Bebout. Bebout previously said St. Pierre was dismissed from the church last week as a result of the allegations.

Wearing jail-issued scrubs, St. Pierre appeared in court this morning with his attorney, Nicholas Hermann. Hermann said St. Pierre has no previous criminal history.

Police say the investigation began after the girl's mother found and read her diary, which reportedly detailed sexual activity with St. Pierre.

He faces a total of four felony charges. St. Pierre is due back in court on Nov. 5.

Source: Evansville Courier Press: Former church youth director's bond remains at $25,000.


Nathan St. Pierre said...

I really hate that this guy has the same name as me. This blog entry now rates #1 in the google search whenever I search for my name (over my own website).

Good blog though, I like your perspective.

Anonymous said...

he was my best friend i really wouldnt think he would do something like this

abandonedangel21@yahoo.com said...

Hey Kolbster if u really were his best friend do you know if this is the Nathan St.Pierre that used to be a Marine? Cause if it is I would like to talk to you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he used to be a marine and was discharged due to a knee injury. He hurt and deceived many people.