Wednesday, August 01, 2007

and still they support him

Youth Pastor Troy Deal stands accused of some serious crimes.

Deal now faces 11 counts of using a computer to solicit a minor for sex and accosting a child for immoral purposes. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

In what I now recognize as a symptom of the problem, Deal's church is standing behind him when they should be skeptical.

"Through all of this, I hope everybody gets a chance to see the good Troy has done," said church member and friend Thomas Reed, 34, whose wife worked with Deal in the youth ministry. "My daughter attended a trip with him recently, and I'd let her do it again."

The normal presumption of innocence is expected in a criminal case. Troy Deal might be innocent. The government makes mistakes. I can all end as suddenly as it started - or not. Deal could spend 20 years of his life in prison. What should his church do? Why they should be skeptical of course. They should examine every aspect of their relationship with Deal to determine if the charges represent the Troy Deal they know. They should do the same with the evidence of his guilt. They may or may not come to a conclusion they like, but that is what being skeptical is all about. What they should not do is stand by their pastor with the assumption of his innocence. It smells like hypocrisy and minimized the serious nature of the crimes he is alleged to have committed.

I have a question. If a pastor like Troy Deal is charged with a crime against children and is found guilty, will his church think less of him for failing to admit his crime and accepting responsibility for his actions?

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Anonymous said...

Basis of christain teaching being that sex evil... hundreds of years of teaching of such bullshit has left western society, in regard to sexual understanding very backword present times though use of the internet great steps taken to make up lost ground...many many do not have control over sexual desire so strong it as having control over them.It be sex that enabled human race to survive over thousands of years not religion,hence it has served its purpose.Now understand that the ultimate use of the human form be that through brain heart attain spiritual development. We are in truth one family it be brothers as sisters fall by the wayside on our journey, then it be without thought of reward it the duty of all reaching out a helping hand, all prone to fall one hurdle or another on the journey, if one cannot open heart to brother as sister it then impossible to open heart to the almighty as allah.x

Anonymous said...

That last comment was very deep and...hard to follow. I know troy personally and let me just say that if you're worried that the Church is standing behind him...Know that sometimes you are guilty no matter what. I can't say a whole lot because well. I know more than most, but trust me when I say they are not standing behind him in any way that should be alarming to the likes of you. You should save this article for months and months (possibly years if case may be) down the road, should he be reinstated in his position as youth leader. Not before any allegations have been proven or disproven.

Anonymous said...

And to answer your question. No. We ALL have soiled hands dont we? Christians that live like Christians understand that we are not ones to judge. We will pray like we have been for Troy, and continue to do so no matter what.

Mojoey said...

Alex - my hands are clean. And, I have no troubling judging the likes of Troy.

Anonymous said...

Christians that live as such, don't necessarially act as such. EVERYONE judges, Christian upbringing we are taught NOT to judge others, but by human nature we do!
Alex , you are judging Troy based on bias. Others are judging him based on the news. 12 people are going to be judging him based on evidence. When he dies, he will be judged again by the Almighty himself. Mojoey, nobody's hands are clean! That would imply that you are perfect. There is only 1 perfect form, and you are not Him!

Anonymous said...

To further say...your religion should hide what you are. Many people from various religions have committed crimes of variious sorts and the media portrays the religion factor for effect. I do believe though these people who commit the crimes and are convicted to pay for them and to personally take accountability for their actions. They made the choice to act on those decisions. Religion didn't tell them to do it.Religious or not, blame is in the person. Churches need to have accountability in protecting our children. Policies need to be in place as to who may work in youth ministries, nursery and that sort. They should also be subject to the rules in dealing with children, ie. background checks, etc. The church should take every effort to protect our future congregations. I have done this in our church. I have parents that are reasured that the Church is watching out for their children.

Anonymous said...

My statement in the beginning was should NOT hide what you are! not should