Monday, July 30, 2007

Why religion and politics don't mix well

I found this while surfing today. I think it is an insightful look at a touchy subject.

Via The Political Guru:

As my friend The Reverend has made a post about religion and how it will cause a stir among people, I would like to ad that when did religion play a role in politics. What about the issues, immigration, laws and big government by this article below that CNN has commented on just shows more and more that religion controls the government not the people. I guess the religions are taking over our government and it has even happened in Ohio recently with the strip club laws forced by you guessed it religion fascists telling our politicians what is right and what is wrong. If this continues to be allowed will we be another Iraq where we all have to practice one religion and one religion only?


Raoul Earl said...

Separation of Church and State is benficial to BOTH the State and the Church.
Religious leaders shouldn't tarnish their reputations by schmoozing with dirty politicians, and politicians shouldn't force the religious beliefs on their constituents.

tina said...

They better watch out the churches might have to start paying taxes...