Friday, July 13, 2007

The very definition of conspiracy

What do three Baptist pastors do when they find actual evidence that a child molester is prying on children in their church? Do not even think they called the police. Do not even think they did anything honorable. No, they told the alleged perpetrator to turn himself in after allowing him to prey on children in their church for nearly a year.  I understand they washed their hands together a few minutes after shooing Paul Lavertu out the front door.

Three Loveland pastors may have believed they needed to answer to a higher authority when they found an alleged child molester among their flock.

They encouraged the 23-year- old man to turn himself in with an attorney.

But now the Rev. James W. Rice, and assistant pastors Thad Gunderson and Eric Mowen, at Gateway Baptist Church, will have to answer to a Larimer County judge.

They are accused of failing to report the series of sexual assaults when they discovered the first one had occurred last summer.

One would think the only reasonable course of action would be to immediately call the police. Especially given the problems with clergy sexual abuse within the church. Instead of turning in Paul Lavertu, they provided pastoral counseling. Unfortunately, this allowed Lavertu to continue abusing children. Don't pastors have any common sense?

Police believe that the church member, Paul Lavertu, of Windsor, assaulted at least five children - girls ages 14 and 10, and boys ages 8, 10 and 14....

Lavertu, who was an adult member of a youth group, is considered to be mentally disabled, Avery said...

I smell a conspiracy. Lavertu is mentally disabled, a known child molester, and a member of a closed protective Baptist church. They protected their own without considering the impact to the children in the church and the other children Lavertu came in contact with. The civil suit from this case will bankrupt Gateway Baptist Church.


Daisy said...

It's crazy this man was allowed to be a youth leader! Maybe the pastors were just waiting in line for their turn with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Daisy - go and watch "wicker man", k? Contary to popular belief,a world run by women would be just as evil - and, oh, by the way, just as many woman are perpetrators/abusers and molestors as men, the crimes simply go unreported. Go get a rabies shot and do us all a favor.

Anonymous said...

I think that before you post something you should do due diligence and thorough research. The pastors did not "allow" the man to prey on children. When they were apprised of the situation they sought legal consult and then spoke with the man. When more information came to light, a year later, the man was told to turn himself into police and then the pastors called and gave their side of events. The detectives told the pastors that they did what they were supposed to and then let them go. The pastors where not charged or even told that they had done anything wrong until after the police had arrested the man and then released him and he offended again. The media has reported false statements and gross misrepresentations of events. It makes me wonder what else they report falsely. I was very saddened that you chose to report such false statements as well. Do you know the families, the pastors or the offender????? If not why even spread rumors?

Mojoey said...

Anon - everybody spins a story. You spin the story toward innocence and the best possible interpretation of the facts. I spin toward the worst.

The truth will never be known. One thing is certain. Three pastors had a child molester in their midst and they allowed him to continue working without taking the issue to the police. their hand are dirty and they have ownership the subsequent abuse.

I'm sure your team is proud of that.

If you want to know why I report on these type of issues - read my blog.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you obviously dont know anything. The pastors knew about this for a year. In fact they tried to counsel the molestor and lay hands on him and heal him. Rice thinks he is above everyone and anyone. He isnt. They only went to the police after they had tried and tried to counsel Lavertu and he kept doing it, then they got scared, by then it was too late for the last victim. They are required by law in the state of colorado to report abuse or even suspected abuse. They obviously suspected or they wouldnt have been counseling. Oh, and FYI they all three plead guilty to the charges of "failure to report" on 11/9/07. If they were innocent why then did they plead guilty. hhhmmmmm I wonder?