Thursday, July 19, 2007

Troy liked them young

After all, he's a youth pastor!

It looks like a potential pedophile youth pastor was caught out before he could hurt the innocent children in his care. Troy Deal was busted in an Internet sting soliciting sex from someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl.

Deal is to be charged with using the Internet to solicit a child for sexually abusive activity, distributing sexually abusive material to the child and nine counts of using the Internet to communicate with a child for immoral purposes.

If convicted on all charges, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

I once conducted an experiment in a chat room. I changed my profile to that of a 15 year old boy. Within minutes, dozens of men tired to contact me. Times have changed, but the web is still a dangerous place for children. I supervise my 12-year-olds son's computer usage. I will until he is mature enough to handle himself. Experience has taught me that this is the best thing to do. People like Troy Deal are waiting to steal the innocence of any child who will take their bait. That fact that Deal is professional clergy somehow makes the whole situation that much worse.

I applaud the effort of the investigators who take predators like Deal off the streets. The job cannot be fun.


Shawn Wilkinson said...

Gives a whole new meaning to youth pastor...

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that ministers do little more than laypeople...

Anonymous said...

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Alex said...

I attended Troy's college ministry for a year, and I am sickened by what happened. However keep in mind that as of right now these are merely allegations. He has not been convicted, therefore in this country and still yet in my mind, innocent. Such assertations made evident by the title of this article can be considered liable, and if his family comes across articles with titles like this, it will not help them any. You would do well to show some respect for all the people affected in this matter. Thanks, God bless.

Mojoey said...


Bullshit. I've repeated what is in the press. Troy liked working with kids. He did not abuse any kids in his charge. However he did try to solicit sex from somebody he thought was 14. The truth hurts.

As for respect... II have none for Troy. His family will deal with far worse than this in the days and weeks ahead.

But since you have tweaked my nose. I will make sure and follow Troy as he attempts to explain himself. Who know, maybe this is all just a bad dream.

Of course, I could have just used the take line. Another week, another pastor pedophile. Would that have been better?

Johnny Crow said...

What is worse than a pedophile? A Pastor Pedophile.

What is worse than a pedophile pastor? A pedophile pastor who works with kids.

What is worse that a pedophile pastor who works with kids? One that is still preaching and still alive.

I am not one for state sanctioned killing but I am one for Justice even vigilante justice. Sure, alex, he should have his day in court. In fact I think he deserves a fair trial just like anyone... but that also means that the christian community that ANOTHER allegation of sexual abuse of a minor by a pastor has happened. We should show all the world to see the evidence. If he is innocent then it will show, but if he is just like the rest of the piece of shit people who are lying scumbag then I hope he is tortured in jail... because death is too much of a blessing for people like that.

Alex said...

Whats in the press now is that he solicited for pictures, not sex. While the morality issue is still not changing, your facts are not straight. I still say that respect should be given to Troy. Thats what we as americans believe in after all. Innocence until proven guilty. You cannot be truly innocent if people treat you like garbage because of allegations. Those things aside, you are right that his family will be going through much worse in the near future. So shouldnt sympathy be the action taken? Not hate? Just a thought.