Thursday, July 19, 2007

Is paying for sex wrong?

Not in my book. As a libertarian, I support the effort to legalize the world's oldest profession. It will never happen. Like most libertarian causes, it will go on forever and ever without resolution.

When is paying for sex wrong? When you are a pastor and moral activist fighting for the elimination of prostitution. Like Pastor and Cabarrus County Commissioner Coy Privette. He was busted for paying for sex with a known prostitute on six different occasions.

Privette, currently serving his second term as a Cabarrus County commissioner, is a former state representative and was a pastor at many local churches. He was president of the Baptist State Convention, has been outspoken about his conservative views and even questioned the conservative stance of fellow politicians.

Privette is 74, if Viagra had not been invented, this would not be a story. I have one word for Coy Privette - Hypocrate!


LiberalNC said...

I agree with you. I don't think the paying for sex part is wrong, honestly I don't care what kind of sex people have, it's about the hypocrisy of these "high moral" people. Coy Privette called a friend of mine an "agent of the devil" for organizing a referendum to allow liquor by the drink to be sold in Cabarrus County.

Nandes said...

As a man who has had more than one (Canadian) lap dance, I fully agree.

Also, here in the north, prostitution is basically legal, but only under circumstances.

I think pimping/brothels are still illegal.

Slut said...

I misread the title of this post. I thought it said, "Is PRAYING for sex wrong?"

Tee hee.

Naturally as a whore, my position is obvious. ;)