Saturday, July 28, 2007

A story from my day or how Islam pissed me off

I went out for a few beers with a friend last night. We met at the Irvine Spectrum, had a Guinness at The Yard House, and then watched The Simpson's Movie. After the show, we dinned at a sports bar while doing some people watching.As a place to watch people, the Irvine Spectrum is high on my list. So many well to do people, all dress in their best outfits, strutting around as if they owned the world. I had fun just watching them walk by.

All good things must end. My friend and I parted company late in the evening. As I walked to the parking structure with chocolates for my wife in hand, I fell in behind three young Muslim women. I could tell they were Muslims by their stunningly beautiful Hijabs.

I arrived at the parking structure first. I pressed the button and waited for the elevator to arrive. When it did, I held the door open for the Muslim women just as I would for anybody else. They refused to enter. They were young women and small. I figured they were afraid of me as I am the opposite of young and small. I was wrong. One of the three women told me their religion does not permit women to be alone with men. I kept my thoughts to myself, and politely told them I would catch the next elevator - but it was too late. Two old men walked in and thanked me for holding the door. The door closed. I was still on the outside feeling stupid.

I pressed the button again, waited a few minutes, and then let the young women ride up without me. I pressed the button again, waited a few more minutes, and then rode up by myself. I was no longer feeling generous or polite. My apologies to the half dozen people I cut off in the 15 minutes it took me to exit the poorly designed parking structure.

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Johnny Crow said...

I liked the Simpson's movie for the fact that they opted to share their opinions (just like in the show)... though as Groening admits it is not the best movie, and for true fans there wasn't as much depth. But still a great movie.

Yes your simpsonized version looks like you (according to your pic)... yet I look like a mobster? LOL

Anonymous said...

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