Friday, July 13, 2007

Pastor fathers child with a child

DNA paternity tests have confirmed that Modesto Reyes has fathered a child with a 12-year-old girl member of his church. Reyes is contesting the DNA test results. He asserts that he is the 1% in the 99% statistic. He hopes an independent test shows this. Of course, he is a fool. Prosecutors offered him a 15 year plea bargain. He turned it down because he actually thinks he has a chance with 1%. He does not realize  the statistic is actually 99.99%. He has a .01 chance of not being the father. Which is to say, he has no chance at all. Plus, he has no chance of being excluded. The only thing the test will do is confirm his guilt. When he goes to prison on a 35 year sentence, 15 years is going to look real good.

Reyes was arrested in June 2006. He was pastor of Iglesia De Dios, Cristo Te Llama. At first, his church protested his arrest. 40 members crowed court proceedings. the crowd has dwindled to three as details of his alleged crimes have surfaced.

The girl, who is identified in the records as Jane Doe, told police that Reyes first forced himself on her in August 2005 after driving children home from a church function in a van used to transport church members, the records say. After dropping off all the other children, the girl told police, Reyes drove her to a lot near an empty loading dock on Ledyard Street, where he sexually assaulted her without using a condom, the records say.

A month later, as the church was marking a "fasting day" in which worshipers give up eating for a day to show their devotion, Reyes called the girl into his office and told her he was suffering from heart problems, the records say. He then locked the door and asked her to sit in a soft-cushioned seat, where he again lifted her skirt and forced her to have intercourse, the records say.

Reyes, records allege, would tell the girl he was suffering from heart problems as a ruse to get her to come to his office at the church.

In October, Reyes telephoned the girl at her home and told her he was sick and needed her to come to his office, the records say. The girl told detectives she felt bad for Reyes because he was crying, so she went to the church, the records say.

But when she got to his office, the girl told detectives, Reyes was waiting for her with his pants off. She told detectives she realized the true reason he called, and began crying as she lowered herself in the same chair and Reyes again assaulted her, the records say.

The girl told detectives the final assault happened over the weekend of Christmas, when she allegedly received a cell phone call from Reyes in which he again told her he was sick and in pain and believed he was having a heart attack, the records say.

Again, the girl told detectives, she ran to the church, only to find Reyes laying on the same chair in his office, apparently asleep, the records say. When she tried to wake him, the records say, Reyes began crying and pretended to have a heart attack, and then tried to lift up her skirt. Although she tried to stop him by grabbing his hands and telling him to stop, the girl told detectives, Reyes managed to again remove her underwear and force himself on her, the records say.

Heart attack my ass. This guy disserves to rot and die in prison.

I did a blog and Technorati search to look for a response from the faithful. As usual, the subject was ignored.


Lisa said...

"I did a blog and Technorati search to look for a response from the faithful. As usual, the subject was ignored."

And you won't... until he is either proven (again) to be the father, or there is a mad rush to get on the other side of the fence, just like the catholic priests.

Then there are those loyal faithful-ists who will figure it was somehow God's will, and have all kinds of excuses. The child will somehow become a semi-Jesus type figure to them.

OR they will blame the 12-year-old victim.


Do I sound like a conspiracy theorist? I hope not... I'm just tired of all the idiots who think they are above the laws of society in the name of God.

Anonymous said...

What the Pastor did was truly wrong in what he did and it angers me how people could talk without knowing the truth of what happened rape is rape and young girls now a days are fast legged the 12 year old girl should of known better so should have this man WHEN the ENEMY sets a trap for you it's your choice to take it of course non believer's don't understand that and no one is above the law we have to follow the law but he broke it that's why is serving a 35 year sentence and we have to remember we are all sinners and we can't point no fingers what so ever and we all love including me to give our opinions no one deserves to get raped not even the 12 year old girl or victims if it would of been me I would of stopped him cold turkey too bad the congregation dwindled to three they should of stuck by him till the end cause that's pure Love being a real christian a true believer of Jesus Christ because if Jesus forgive us we should forgive each other and this man is doing is time for the crime he committed!!!!!!